Your business premises are probably ‘clean enough’, but is that good enough for you, your employees, and customers? 
Here are some of the ways a professional cleaning service can make a difference to your business. 
Making a good impression – first impressions are important. When visitors arrive at your premises your clean floors, dust-free surfaces and polished windows will provide fresh and bright surroundings that will show you pay attention to detail. 
Standing out from the crowd – help customers choose you by showing them you have everything under control, you are organised, and you maintain high standards. Above all, show them you take pride in every aspect of your business by keeping things tidy and clean. 
Looking after your employees – providing a clean and professional environment will help you to attract and keep the best employees. When they know you take care of them, they will be happy to do their best for you. 
Keeping everything clean and hygienic also helps to reduce staff sickness absences, saving you time, money, and helping to keep everything running smoothly. 
Health and safety at work – the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance on providing a safe place to work highlights the importance of cleanliness. This includes clean premises, furniture and fittings, making sure floors, stairs, walls and ceilings are clean and safe, and removing waste and refuse. When you have dedicated cleaning professionals visiting regularly with a cleaning schedule in place you can be sure your obligations will be met and any maintenance issues will be quickly identified. 
Maintaining high standards – with regular attention you can make sure that flooring, carpets and soft furnishings continue to look as good as new. What’s more, regular cleaning means they will probably last longer, saving you the cost of replacements. 
Avoiding pests – it’s not only food businesses that have to worry about pests like mice. Even your staff kitchen and office spaces could attract unwanted visitors if food waste isn’t regularly dealt with. Regular cleaning and emptying of bins, cupboards and fridges will minimise the risk of rodents and other pests. Professional cleaners will soon spot the tell-tale signs of a problem and can alert you and advise you about the best solution. 
Saving time – many businesses ask members of staff to undertake regular cleaning tasks like dusting or emptying bins, for example. However, when people are busy it’s easy to miss these important steps. If you have a larger commercial space it can take up valuable time that your team could be using for something more productive. When you use a professional cleaning service you’ll know all the important jobs have been done. 
Specialist services – as well as the everyday cleaning, it’s a good idea to plan regular additional deep cleaning of high traffic areas such as receptions, stairs, and washrooms. High ceilings and areas around equipment such as copiers and printers or in production environments can also benefit from regular extra attention. If you have an outbreak of an infectious illness such as flu, you can reduce the risk of more people becoming ill with disinfectant fogging. Keeping outside facias, roofs, car parks and walkways clean will also help to maintain the right impression. 
Our flexible cleaning plans allow us to deliver high quality cleaning services with no hidden costs. 
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