I can’t see my roof so why does it need cleaning? 
We work on the basis that prevention is better than cure. 


Gutters and downpipes can become blocked if not maintained regularly. This in turn can create structural damage and mould both inside and outside your business premises. If your office or warehouse is local to trees it’s even more important to have a regular inspection and clearance when required. We use extendable equipment with CCTV guidance so that wherever possible we can work from ground level but our team are also trained to conform with the Working at Height regulations and, of course are fully insured. 
We offer a value for money service which will save you money in the long run as you can avoid costly repairs. 


Where large scale flat roof repairs are required the roof needs to be clean and free from debris before a new surface can be applied and that’s where Xtreme Cleaning Ltd can help. We are often brought in by roofing contractors to handle this work as it’s more cost effective to bring in professional cleaners rather than roofing experts spending their time cleaning. 
If you are planning roof works at your office or warehouse, please put us in touch with your roofing contractor to see if we can help them. 
If you are having roofing problems you can contact us as we know a number of professional roofing companies who will be able to inspect and solve the issues for you. 
Get in touch on 01604 436733 for effective roof cleaning and gutter clearance. 
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