There are all sorts of reasons why you might feel it’s time to change your cleaning contractor. If one of the reasons you haven’t gone ahead yet is because you are concerned about your cleaning staff, read on… 
You have probably heard of TUPE or the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations, but did you know they apply to cleaning contracts? 
The TUPE rules are designed to help protect employee rights when any contract is transferred to a new company. They will help make the change easier for you, your cleaning team and your contractor. 
What TUPE Covers 
When you decide to change your cleaning company, outsource cleaning for the first time or bring it back in-house the TUPE rules will apply. They cover things like pay and hours, terms and conditions (T&Cs), holiday entitlement, and continuous service. 
When Xtreme Cleaning takes on a new commercial cleaning contract our new customer’s existing cleaning team (whether employed or contracted) will be offered positions with the same T&Cs. If you have had concerns about quality or training, for example, it will be our job to work with the team to improve things. We will provide a clear and effective management process with training and quality checks where needed to make sure you receive the quality of service you want. 
Employees are protected when they have more than 2 years’ service, so they can’t lose their jobs because the contract has been transferred or due to terms connected with the transfer. Their employment will be seen as continuous so any rights connected with their length of service won’t be affected. 
As part of the transfer process, we will provide written confirmation that we are their new employer and confirm their start date and continuous service. 
The TUPE Transfer Process 
If you decide to work with Xtreme Cleaning we will need to consult with your current cleaning team as soon as we can to confirm who will want to transfer to us. If you currently have an in-house cleaning team the rules still apply and your employees will be offered the same T&Cs. While this gives little flexibility around pricing, we will make sure that the quality of service you receive meets our high standards, giving you excellent value for money. 
We will confirm your requirements and will regularly review all work to make sure everything is completed to your satisfaction. We have an app to confirm when each employee is on site and what they will be doing. If you have any questions a simple phone call is all that’s needed. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and implement any changes to be sure your cleaning needs are fully met. We also have regular reviews with employees so we can make sure they are fully aware of what they need to do and, if needed, we can arrange additional training. 
Our structured approach to specifying tasks and procedures includes health and safety and method statements and we are always looking for better ways to provide our service using new products and equipment. 
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Established in 2010, Xtreme Cleaning provides a high standard of cleaning for businesses, organisations and local authorities in Northamptonshire and surrounding areas. 
Our flexible cleaning plans allow us to deliver high quality cleaning services with no hidden costs. 
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